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Users may be able to tip influencers on Twitter using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Twitter allowing users to tip influencers news has been discovered and the micro-blogging service Twitter is working on allowing users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum to their accounts in order to get tips in cryptocurrency. It was discovered by a developer called Alessandro Paluzzi, who said that ” Twitter may soon allow users to tip influencers using Bitcoin and Ethereum address to your profile so that you may accept tips through the Tip Jar function.” It is anticipated that this would be an upgrade to the Tip Jar function, which was announced earlier this year but has yet to be implemented.

Paluzzi posted a picture of the notification process on his Twitter account, which shows how people would be informed when they are eligible to get bitcoin advice via the social media site. However, despite rumours that Twitter is using Strike’s services to create Bitcoin invoices through the Lightning Network, Paluzzi claims that it is not required to connect a Strike account in order to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to your profile.

 Twitter’s product head, Kayvon Beykpour, acknowledged that the business is actually working on a feature like Twitter that may allow users to tip influencers using bitcoin, ethereum in response to Paluzzi’s discovery. Beykpour replied to Paluzzi’s original tweet with the phrase “soon.” “emoji, implying that the functionality may be coming to the platform in the near future.

It is unclear from the Twitter Bitcoin Ethereum news that exactly when Twitter intends to make this function available to all of its users, though. Because of the current trend, Twitter may first limit the availability of this function to users in the United States, since cryptocurrency usage has not yet reached or become widespread in many parts of the world.

Users may be able to tip influencers on Twitter and may now charge their followers for exclusive material, thanks to the introduction of the long-awaited Super Follow feature, which was launched recently. This function, too, has begun to be made available to users in the United States and Canada.

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