To keep up with the boom, cryptocurrency platforms are hiring like crazy.

As bitcoin trading and mining grow in India, platforms are looking to recruit expertise and Cryptocurrency platforms are on hiring because most jobs are technological, engineers are in great demand like blockchain developer, backend developer, or crypto engineer.

Aside from technical jobs, hiring consultants claim product development and marketing positions have opened. These cryptocurrency platforms are hiring like crazy and pay at least 25%-30% more than conventional IT companies. Engineers are keen to fill such jobs. “Digital marketers and product developers are in great demand,” said PayHire HR Consulting senior vice president Jose Mathews.

Engineers in demand

In reality, India is becoming a hotbed for  Cryptocurrency platforms hiring on large and  technical bases. For example, the US-listed cryptocurrency trading company is beginning in Hyderabad.

Particularly, the framework is to hire large numbers of employees in engineering, product management, UX (user experience) layout, research and plan management within the next 1-2 years to build out a full technology hub in India,” wrote Pankaj Gupta, Coin base’s India Site Lead and Vice President Engineering.


Unlike other technological platforms, the cryptocurrency exchanges are hiring differently and need specialised talents not generally accessible.

While quicker iteration, which is more about creating fast and implementing mindset, is more prevalent in other sectors, according to Bitbns CEO Gaurav Dahake, there is a significant focus on polishing the code before deployment. Once launched, no modifications can be made, and any errors may cost users and providers a lot of money.

Because of the volume of transactions, crypto platforms are a target for hackers. This adds to the platform’s difficulties.

Money and talent

A programming language used to create contracts in blockchain systems, particularly Ethereum, is Solidity. Smart contracts are computer programmes that run on blockchain that allow two parties to trade without a middleman.

Dahake points out that because this language just debuted in 2014, even a few years of expertise might yield Rs 35 lakh. Due to a skills scarcity, businesses are willing to pay top dollar.

Crypto Courses

While skilled engineers are in desire, hiring experts say crypto platforms are accessible to individuals who have actively traded or mined.

One should know About Cryptocurrency platforms hiring  as it teaches a person skills that no school can teach. According to PayHire HR Consulting, crypto platforms are willing to employ several of these self-made crypto traders to assist them refresh their skills.

For the increasing demand, specialised courses are offered as well For example, the MIT Media Lab offers a six-week online bitcoin course. This six-week training is offered in association with Get Smarter and costs Rs. 1.93 lakh.

Recently, Simplilearn collaborated with IIT Kanpur to provide a four-month professional certification in Blockchain Technology. Applications of Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, Blockchain Platforms, Application Development on Ethereum, Hyperledger, and other Blockchain Prospects are addressed.

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